When it comes to medical care, there’s no room for error when deciding on a quality medical caregiver. This is especially true for the caregivers that will be a part of your life for long-term treatment, such as an oncoplastic breast surgeon. They deal with some of the harsher realities that unfortunately befall certain pockets of the population and with the cancer rate steadily creeping upward, their services are still being appreciated and are in demand with every passing year.

If unfortunate circumstance happens to fall upon you, it’s necessary to prepare for the subsequent treatments and find the oncoplastic breast surgeon that fits your particular needs adequately. There are a few attributes we believe are inherently necessary for any oncoplastic breast surgeon that should always be included in your considerations.

We’re going to go through a few of them today and hopefully, they’ll stay fresh in your mind, should you ever require an oncoplastic breast surgery in Melbourne.

1.   Comforting Communicator

Being an oncoplastic breast surgeon, the tendency for communication and emotional support is often just as important as the basic competency you’d expect from a medical professional. As the specified field typically deals with reconstruction after cancerous treatment, it can be emotionally compromising and there is certainly credence in having a medical professional with the ability to keep you calm and collected.

The empathetic ear is severely underrated in matters of reconstruction and general medical care, especially pertaining to the field that an oncoplastic breast surgeon is involved in. Having an effective communicative ability will also ensure that pertinent questions that may invariably pop up are answered with grace and respect, with an added caveat of experience and competency.

Effective communication is an inherent necessity for any respected physician of course, and especially for an oncoplastic breast surgeon.

2.   Specialist Training

Woman getting oncoplastic breast surgery in Melbourne

Of course, there should be specialised training present for an oncoplastic breast surgeon – not only does it require a fine-tuned understanding of reconstructive tactics, but also a consistent need to remain updated on current trends and innovations to ensure the best quality care is given. It’s a very niche and fundamentally specific avenue of medical care, so having a specialised and adequately trained expert in your corner will have nothing but benefits in the long run.

Their specialised care can also be translated into their extra-curricular involvements in the field, the finer examples of an oncoplastic breast surgeon will typically be involved in research or even clinically trialing new endeavours in the field which further illustrate their specialisation and expertise.

3.   Experienced

The final caveat that should stand out when selecting or browsing for an oncoplastic breast surgeon is of course their experience in the field. Having an experienced hand at work throughout your treatment process is immeasurably beneficial for your own peace of mind as well as the overall likelihood of success. The more experience they have, the better your chances of course, especially if they have been specialised in the field for a number of years.

Asking for their years of experience is one way of determining quality, there are of course other methods of determining whether or not they’re viable – the recommendation of a trusted friend who has undergone similar procedures is a good way to start. The recommendation of one of their colleagues carries a lot of weight also. If a particular oncoplastic breast surgeon comes highly recommended by one of their peers, it tends to carry a little more weight and garner a higher degree of confidence for the subsequent treatment they will provide.