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What Is Reclaimed Teak?

Reclaimed teak in it’s most basic sense is recycled timber that has previously been used and then turned into a new item or piece of furniture. The tree that it is taken from is a hardwood, deciduous tree that often grows very tall and is known for its small white blooms and sizeable leaves. The tree is native to parts of Asia where it has been used extensively to build everything from boats and homes to artwork and much, much more. The wood is known for its hard-wearing nature which makes it ideal for creating furniture and is part of the reason it lasts so long and why reclaimed teak is so popular. The wood is also full of natural oils which help to protect it from termites, pests and the elements which means it can be reused time and time again. The wood is renowned for being just about weatherproof and copes well when left out in the heat and the cold as well as sunshine or rain. The timber grows everywhere throughout parts of Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. The wood is found everywhere in structures and is a popular export to other countries that love the timber made furniture that come from these countries.


Where do you get reclaimed teak from?

Often recycled timbers are taken from old buildings and constructions when they are being renovated or demolished so that the wood can be reused. Reclaimed teak is popular for recycling because it is a strong and very expensive timber. The process of reusing the timber is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable and often leads to even more beautiful pieces as the wood has character and history.


What makes it special?

One of the things that make reclaimed teak so special is that it doesn’t come in a uniform size or shape, instead it’s entirely unique and often dictates the furniture pieces or art that craftsmen will turn it into. It’s a special timber because it is often handed down through many generations and can be turned into something with utility throughout many different decades. The grain of the timber is very beautiful and rich, especially when it’s been aged as it will have much more character than most plantation woods.

Because the timber is more mature and has already aged, it is much more stable and often far stronger and more durable than younger wood making it ideal for creating furniture that will last for many years to come. For many people this is often a lifetime because the heavy, durable wood will stand up to anything, from weather conditions to children. It’s very low maintenance and will look great with only the most minimal amount of care and attention. Sanding it back and polishing it up can also make it look refreshed and beautiful after a few years, or if you prefer the weathered look, leave it be.

Reclaimed teak in particular is highly versatile as its strength and durability means it can be used for all kinds of purposes from construction to beautiful furniture pieces like tables and chairs.


Using timber again is also a very sustainable practice and helps to protect the environment as well as ensuring that the jobs of craftsmen are protected. By reusing wood you help to protect new trees and forests from being cut down, salvaging old materials is a far savvier practice for protecting our world’s trees then creating new furniture items. Reused timbers also require skill and care from a proper craftsmen which is great as it often means you’re supporting small business.


Why You Should Be Learning About How To Use LinkedIn When You Are Wanting To Search For Accounting Internships That Will Help You Grow

There are some people out there who will assume that when you are looking to offer yourself to complete unpaid work, that companies out there will be wanting to jump at their opportunity. But this could not be further from the case as all companies will be thinking about is how much hard work will go in to having an extra set of hands in the workplace and feeling like they are going to have to find time to teach them. Some companies will be willing to invest this time and energy but they will be wanting to make sure that they are hiring the right person and that they are able to prime them to later come aboard as a paid employee.

Furthermore, companies will have to do things such as up their WorkCover and insurances when they take someone on, even if it is as an unpaid role. As there are so many things that go into this, people will sometimes need to change their mindset and will have to realise that they are going to have to prove that they deserve the position.  As people will need to really think outside of the box when they are wanting to be the best that they can, here is why you should be learning about how to use LinkedIn when you are wanting to search for accounting internships that will help you grow.


You should be learning about how to use LinkedIn when you are wanting to search for accounting internships that will help you grow so that you can get a better idea of what the higher ups are like

It is safe to say that you should be learning about how to use LinkedIn when you are wanting to search for accounting internships that will help you grow so that you can get a better idea of what the higher ups are like. Usually, owners and managers out there will have their own profiles that are connected to the company’s profile that will discuss their past experience as well as what they currently do in addition to what they are like as people. And this can be very handy when it comes to the interview process as people are able to talk about the values that they have seen described online.

They even might be able to talk about how they are similar to some of the founders when they were young, and they can ask them questions about what they did in order to get their big break. And when people show interest such as this, they are more likely going to make a great impression.


You should be learning about how to use LinkedIn when you are wanting to search for accounting internships that will help you grow when this is something that you might need to use in your role

As many businesses out there will know, networking is one of the most important things that they will  have to do and so this is something that will be built into certain roles. Online marketing is crucial when it comes to running a company in this day and age so it is safe to say that social media skills may be required across a wide variety of roles. And so, you should be learning about how to use LinkedIn when you are wanting to search for accounting internships that will help you grow as this is something you may use.

How Hot Water Cylinders Work

Many of us don’t give much thought to how our water is heated – all that matters is that it’s nice and warm when it reaches the tap or show head. But the truth is there are a number of systems out there that use different methods for heating water. Systems may use gas, solar or electricity and may come in the form of storage tanks or you may have heard of hot water cylinders.

In New Zealand electric systems are one of the most popular choices for heating up water. Hot water cylinders work by using an electrical element in a tank that is insulated, the element which looks a bit like a coil or loop heats up the water in the tank to the temperature dictated by the thermostat (it works in a similar way to a kettle). Hot water cylinders have two tubes for transferring water, a cold tube to bring cold water into the tank and a hot tube to send water to taps or showerheads.

When the heating element is in use with electricity running through it, it creates heat which warms up the contents of the tank. This is different to gas heaters which rely on a heat exchanger, the electricity instead of heat the tank directly.


Benefits of hot water cylinders

One of the great benefits of hot water cylinders is that they are highly energy-efficient when they use an immersion element, especially when comparing them to gas heaters. More electric systems are about 90 percent more energy-efficient whilst gas heaters usually achieve a 60 percent rating. Electric options will usually attract slightly higher costs than the cost of natural gas.

In terms of speed and recovery however, gas models will usually outperform the average electric system which can take additional time to heat a similar volume of water.

One of the reasons that hot water cylinders have become very popular is become of the low cost to purchase and install them as well as their relative flexibility for placement. They can also be purchased with options to make them suitable for solar energy. It’s possible to purchase them with a thermostat to control the temperature which means your water heater will not go over a certain temperature which can save you money in the long run. If your home uses a boiler system then you’ll enjoy peace of mind because hot water cylinders are not connected to boilers and so you’ll still have access to hot water if your boiler stops working, gets damaged or breaks down. A properly insulated water heater can keep your water supply for many hours even after it has switched off and stopped heating water.  It’s possible to set your heater heat up in off-peak electricity times to help you conserve energy and costs. Most systems can be managed or easily switched on or off at the wall socket – they are great for energy efficiency and eco-conscious homeowners. The ability to turn them off is also for use when you’re away from home and do not need to heat up any water supply in the home whilst you’re away, this will prevent unnecessary use of energy.


What do you need to know about them?

So what sort of things should you keep in mind regarding electric systems? Here are a few important points:

  • Using electricity to heat water can be more expensive than using gas. In New Zealand, you can expect an electric system to use around 3 kilowatts per hour to heat water and most homes will need to heat water for a few hours each day.
  • It’s a good idea to have a thermostat installed, otherwise electric systems will heat water to unnecessarily high temperatures
  • Systems will need to be heated to at least 50 degrees Celsius to kill of any nasty bacteria.


How To Choose The Right Glasses Frame For You

If you need glasses and have been looking online you have probably found that there are a number of different options. There are so many different options for glasses online that it can be difficult for you to choose which one would look best on you.

Sometimes you can’t get to a physical store to try on glasses so you do not really know how certain frames are going to look on your face shape. There are also a lot of different face shapes. So, the first step is to work out which shape your face matches the most, then you can work from there choosing a frame that suits.

Glasses are a very important and constant accessory, especially if you have to wear them every day to see. So, choosing the right frame is very important. Have a read on below at the way you can choose the right glasses to frame for you:


Round Face Shape

If you have a round face then you don’t really have any sharp angles to work with. Many people with a round face shape try to make their face seem longer and thinner. This is why narrow frames or rectangular frames that are quite wide usually work the best with this type of face.


Oval Face Shape

One of the most common face shapes and it is the easiest to work with when it comes to choosing glasses online because there are balanced face proportions. It is a good idea to try and keep this balance of your face and you should, therefore, consider wide glasses frames that are as wide as your face.


Square Face Shape

woman wearing eyeglasses

Square face shape is more typically found on men and usually means you have a strong jawline with a large forehead, but the width and length are usually the same, making the square shape and not rectangle shape. Like with the round face shape, it is best to choose a narrower frame that will attempt to make your face look longer, look for frames that are narrow and oval shape.


Heart Face Shape

The face shape is wider at the top with the chin going into more of a point, which brings in the heart shape. In order to reduce the look of the width at the top of your face looks for frames that have a wide bottom. You could also consider purchasing frames that are light in colour or have no rims at all.


Diamond Face Shape

Looking kind of like a sideward square, diamond face shape is narrow at the top and bottom of the face and usually has high cheekbones. This type of face can be the most difficult to find a frame the suits properly. Look for frames the have no rims or even try cat-eye shaped frames.


Triangle Face Shape (Based Down)

This face shape has a smaller forehead with a larger chin and cheeks. Here it is a good idea to try to add more depth by finding frames that are a distinctive colour, like with the diamond face shape, cat-eye shaped frames can also work really well here.


Oblong Face Shape

This face shape is kind of like a rectangle face shape, just with more curved edges. The face tends to be wide, but still longer with a fairly straight cheek line and chin. Here you are likely to be looking to add more balanced frames that will suit your face. You should look for frames that will add more width to your face and could also go for frames with a bold colour.

Why Appointments With Accountants in North Sydney Should Not Be Delayed

Accountants in North Sydney are valuable community assets for residential and commercial clients alike.

Operating as financial specialists to undertake key accounting duties for their constituents north of the Harbour Bridge, their intervention is critical for the financial health of participants who are not across every detail.

Amid all of the other pressures and responsibilities that people have from one week to the next, there are cases where customers delay their fixed appointment.

Although it might not feel convenient at the time, it is important to understand why these sessions are so critical.


Handling Your Tax Duties On Time

The first concern that clients could face when delaying their appointment with accountants in North Sydney is the threat of penalties and provisions from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). With the end of financial year on June 30 providing an artificial deadline for constituents, they need to file away their accounts, lodge their tax form and ensure that their deductibles are accounted for. By engaging these firms ahead of time, that deadline carries no real pressure or stress.


Working With Flexible Arrangements

Whether it is a once per year appointment or a consultancy package that engages in regular dialogue, accountants in North Sydney can work to a plan that suits the client. These flexible arrangements outline why no one should ever delay their discussions because they are concerned they are overstaying their welcome. If the individual or business wants to alter how they interact with the firm to either increase or decrease that involvement, they will be happy to draft up a new plan that caters to such a request.


Running Commercial Audits

For commercial clients who use accountants in North Sydney, there is always the concern that an audit from the ATO could emerge from out of the blue. Instead of allowing that event to create a lot of stress and uncertainty, the use of these specialists will ensure that all of the documentation is up to date and an internal audit has already been completed. This is a proactive decision that ticks all of the right boxes for a company, rather than incurring penalties or payments that could not have been foreseen without their assistance.


Future Financial Planning

calculator and paper bills

Of all the industries that pride themselves on an eye for detail, it is found through accountants in North Sydney. That emphasis on financial analysis and reading balance sheets gives them the independent perspective to see where investments can grow and needless costs can be cut, saving the client potentially thousands of dollars in the next financial year. By delaying this appointment, participants are unable to successfully plan for their future, sticking to behaviours that cost them on the back end. They will be happy to walk individuals through the process if they recognise how valuable their time is.


Accounting Education

There are very small steps that can be taken on a day-to-day basis that accountants in North Sydney can educate their clients about. It does not have to be about the big picture by increasing an investment portfolio, although their counsel on that topic is beneficial. They can simply advise residents and small business owners about the types of purchases that become tax-deductible, about how they can reduce their overheads, and focus on financial activities that give them bigger returns at the next June 30 period. Making the choice to delay the appointment only hampers the potential progress that could be enjoyed.


Picking up the phone and keeping in contact with accountants in North Sydney is enough to plan the next appointment. By making this exercise a priority, people are taking back control of their financial wellbeing, whether it is for their family or their business interests.


What is 3PL?

3PL also known as third party logistics is the management of warehousing logistics, that means everything from inventory and stock management all of the way through to shipping, it’s designed to allow your business to concentrate on the key sections of your enterprise whilst leaving the logistics to a ‘third party’ company. For large enterprises, this can be a significant time and cost saver.


All about 3PL

3PL companies in Sydney supply a variety of solutions involved all the logistics of the distribution chain.   Wondering if your company should use a 3PL Sydney provider?  There are many advantages of using a third party logistic company, the largest being that it frees up your company to concentrate on other areas of your business such as advertising sales and product development. It can also help to decrease shipping and warehousing costs, 3PLs have significantly more leverage with cargo companies and can negotiate for much lower prices due to the shipping frequency and cargo quantities. Employing a 3PL makes it much easier to scale down or up as desired. Most companies experience alterations in their shipping needs throughout the year.  Employing a 3PL Sydney company permits you to handle peaks and troughs more efficiently. They also offer a much better experience for your customers than most businesses managing their own shipping could likely ever manage, customer often expect next-day or same-day delivery as standard.  Employing a third-party logistics suppliers means your business can provide fast shipping. Working with a third-party logistics company also means that the quality of your products will be carefully checked and any damages or losses will be insured.


Expertise and experience

One of the main benefits of working with a third-party logistics company is that they come with significant experience and expertise and an already well-established network. Warehousing and shipping logistics are complicated, contracting a third party company means that you will gain immediate expertise within the area. Particularly if you’re just starting out, getting a company that specializes in logistics can significantly reduce the headaches involved in managing shipping and customer satisfaction. Transport, warehousing and fulfillment come with significant challenges, a third party company can make the entire process streamlined and will leave you with time to focus on your core business functions, allowing you to scale up and grow your business.


Overseas markets

Working with a 3PL is particularly useful if you are selling globally as they can look after documentation, customs, duties and other problems that can arise when dealing with overseas shipping such as import taxes. They’ll also save you time as they know the relevant laws around shipping to over nations.



Finding space for inventory can be a problem for many companies who are limited in their office or business space, using a third-party provider means taking advantage of their warehouse spaces and can save you significant sums of money on renting a space. Having them manage your stock can also mean far more efficient inventory management and will likely mean you have much better oversight of stock levels and ordering requirements.


Finding a good provider

Finding a good supplier may be an overwhelming task, there are a lot of options out there, so how do you find one you trust? Here are a few things you should think about.

What technology do they use and is it compatible with your business? For instance, do they use a cloud-based stock management program or how do they manage and control inventory? Do they have any good references from other companies, preferably ones in a similar industry? Think about what their clients say about them, as this is a good indication of what to expect.

7 Savvy Shoppers Tips For Consumers Seeking Out Italian Sofas From Sydney Stores

Finding top-quality Italian sofas from Sydney stores does not have to be the struggle that many consumers make it out to be.

While there will be deluxe arrangements that appear too good to be true, this is an industry that only requires some commonsense.

Follow our guide for the 7 savvy shopper tips right here.


1) Start With a Budget

In order to keep the financials tight and secured, venture out to find Italian sofas from Sydney stores once a budget has been decided. It is very easy to succumb to an arrangement that looks stunning, but if it is hundreds or even thousands over the intended price, then it will be too stressful to justify the expense and ensure that not even a scratch appears. Have the figure in mind and work from that point first.


2) Have an Awareness for Domestic Colour Tone

These Sydney locations have to offer items that match the colour tone of the premises. They can fit just as neatly inside professional locations as they do for warm inviting homes. Identify the surrounding colour scheme and invest in an arrangement that complements that environment, from the dark and cool or the warm and bright at the other end of the spectrum.


3) Always Measure for Size Appropriation

Although Italian sofas from Sydney stores might appear like the golden ticket online or in the store, the actual product could be overbearing or lost amid a range of other furnishings. This is where size does matter, ensuring that local consumers have done their homework for the appropriate dimensions. Get out that tap measure and figure out what will actually fit.


4) Sourcing Material That Lasts

dog sitting in an Italian sofa

Shoppers don’t have to venture far to source Italian sofas from Sydney stores, but if they happen to settle for low-quality material, then they might have to repeat that process more times than they care to remember. Don’t be fooled into thinking that an Italian label is first-class just because it comes from that part of the world, because there are outlets who are looking to maximise their profit just like any other market. The best range of goods in this setting will be identified with synthetic microfibers, linen and cotton designs for comfort and stain resistance.


5) Banking on a Warranty Policy

Mistakes and mishaps occur in life and this should not impose on a quality investment opportunity. If Italian sofas from Sydney stores happen to be damaged, lost or compromised in the first 12-24 months of use, then there is peace of mind when consumers do business with a quality provider that covers those costs through a warranty agreement.


6) Home Delivered? Yes Please

Taking the product from location A to location B can be a tricky exercise at the best of times. Particularly when Italian sofas from Sydney stores are bought as a packaged deal with multiple seating arrangements, the logistics involved can be a genuine struggle for shoppers. Rather than allowing the customer to arrange this task on their own accord or outsource it through a random third party, it is beneficial to buy from an outlet that includes this service as part of the overall deal.


7) Waiting for The Deal

There will be homeowners who will be happy to pay full retail price for Italian brands in the city. However, there are more who will be happy to wait those extra weeks or even months in order to see that price slashed. Keep tabs on those locations who do offer Italian sofas from Sydney stores, staying informed about clearance sales, Black Friday sales and Boxing Day deals and any special offers that will cut down on that price tag.


How You Can Find A Professional Who Can Work Quickly Without Compromising On Quality When There Is A Plumbers Emergency In Sydney And Other Local Areas

There is a common belief out there that when people pay a lot of money for something, they are going to get a service that is of the best quality that is can possibly be. But what some people may not realise is that this is not always necessarily the case. In fact, there can be all sorts of different reasons why people might charge what they do, and these reasons may not equate to the quality of service that they are currently offering.

The same principle can apply to those who think that the only way for someone to offer a speedy service is by doing a bad job. Once again, this may not be the case and people are usually able to find someone who can do a bit of both when they look hard enough. And so, here is how you can find professional plumbers during an emergency who can work quickly with compromising on quality when there is a plumber’s emergency in Sydney and other local areas.


You can find a professional who can work quickly without compromising on quality when there is a plumbers emergency in Sydney by finding those who don’t work alone

Plumber using a wrench to repair and remove the water supply pipe and valve.

There are a few different reasons why people have the common belief that when someone is operating too quickly that they’re going to make mistakes and one of these reasons Why is that this can often occur when people are working alone. What some may not realise is that there are professionals out there who will work in a group or will at least work with one other person so that they are able to operate more quickly to get the job done in a shorter period of time.

And when this is the case they don’t have to compromise on quality because there are two people working on the task at hand and there are two sets of eyes. And when there are two sets of eyes there are fewer chances that mistakes are going to be made so customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are going to be catered to in a great way without any faults.


You can find a professional who can work quickly without compromising on quality when there is a plumbers emergency in Sydney by working with those who specialise in certain areas

Another way that you were able to find a professional who can work quickly without compromising on quality when there is a plumbers emergency in Sydney is by working with those who specialise in certain areas. For example, people may notice that they have a crack in their pipe and so they will need to be able to find a company that specialises in pipe relining. If people hire just any old professional that doesn’t specialise in this then they may find that they will make some mistakes along the way.

Thankfully, people are able to easily find out what area professionals specialise in Because this is usually featured on their website. And if people are not able to find this on their website, they can easily call the company at hand so that they can discuss the plumbing issue at hand with them and find out if they think they are able to help in a proficient time manner and if this is their area of expertise. All in all, there are all sorts of different professionals out there who may be able to greatly help.

How You Can Tell When Divorce Lawyers In Sydney Are Leading Specialists In Their Field

As people grow older and they become adults they will then be in charge of what they spend their money on and what they don’t spend their money on. While this may seem easy enough in reality it can actually be really hard to distinguish what is going to be a good purchased and what may be a little bit of a mistake. As this is so often the case, one of the skills that adults will have to pick up in life is figuring out the types of things that they want to invest in.

For example, when someone is looking to hire a professional when dealing with a marriage break up, they’ll need to be able to establish if this is going to be a good decision for them or not. Luckily there are a few ways that people are able to distinguish this that will make the process a little easier. And so, here is how you can tell when a divorce attorney near me in Sydney are leading specialists in their field.


You can tell when divorce lawyers near me in Sydney are leading specialists in their field when they have a price point to match

One of the first ways that you can distinguish when divorce lawyers in Sydney are leading specialists in their field is when they have a price point to match. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t great professionals out there that don’t take on pro bono cases or who don’t offer legal aid from time to time but it does mean that more often than not, those who have an extremely low price point perhaps may not offer the best service possible. Again, this may not always be the case as there are some out there who are just starting out who may not charge that much but as a general rule of thumb, the more in demand someone is, the more that they are able to charge.

Be this as it may, people may be able to figure out if someone is going to get the job done right or not by first establishing what they charge. If they charge a hearty rate and they also have lots of great reviews, then people may have stumbled across a professional who is able to help them in a way that they so sorely need.


You can tell when divorce lawyers in Sydney are leading specialists in their field by the way that they conduct themselves in a consultation

couple disagreement

Another relatively simple way that you may be able to tell when divorce lawyers near me in Sydney are the leading specialists in their field is by the way that they conduct themselves in a consultation. This means that they will be on time for the appointment, that they will have some kind of reminder system in place for their client such as a text message that gets sent out the day before, and they will be courteous and polite. Some may even send a break down of the appointment in an email along with a quote after the initial appointment.

Whatever these small touches may be, people are very likely to appreciate them, especially when they are going through a hard time. And so, these little things can be a good idea to keep an eye out for when people are trying to find the leading specialists in a certain area. And when people do this, they can have a much easier time overall as the likelihood is that they are hiring someone great who makes them feel comfortable and secure.

How You Are Able To Organise A Medical Certificate Online Just With The Help Of Your Smart Device

Sometimes organising things can be easy and then more often than not, they can be extremely complicated. For whatever reason, so many things just seem to be so hard in this day and age and many people out there will have a longing for things to do back to the way they were. Having said this, there are a great many things that have actually become easier in modern times and sometimes people may simply not be aware of these things.

For example, there are some people out there who may have to see different professionals on a regular basis and they may not know that they are actually able to hold their appointments online. This means that they don’t have to waste a bunch of their time travelling from place to place and sitting in a waiting room for hours on end. So to best aid those who may be new to the different kinds of alternative services that are out there, here is how you are able to organise a medical certificate online just with the help of your smart device.


You are able to organise a medical certificate online just with the help of your smart device as all you need is access to the internet

person using a laptop

The great thing about this day and age is that almost every person out there will have some sort of access to the internet. Long gone are the days where people would get charged through the roof for their dial-up connection or for using the internet on their mobile phones. In fact, most people won’t even opt for getting internet installed at home as their internet is simply so good on their phone and they don’t see any point in doubling what they must spend.

The other great thing about this is that people don’t need anything fancy in order to organise a medical certificate online as all they will need is a smart device that has access to the internet. They can use the internet to book their appointment which can be held via a phone call or it can be held via an app such as skype. Whatever the case may be, it is simple enough, especially for those who already regularly use their smart devices.


You are able to organise a medical certificate online just with the help of your smart device and you don’t have to waste any paper in the process

There are lots of environmentally conscious people out there who can feel infuriated when it comes to all of the paper that they just can’t say no to. For example, many people will go to purchase something from the shop and will be printed out a receipt even though they didn’t get the chance to ask to not have one. These same people can also sometimes feel frustrated when they visit their local GP and they have things printed out for them that could very easily be emailed to them.

This is why people may be extremely happy to know that they are able to organise a medical certificate online with just the help of their smart device and they won’t have to waste any paper in the process. This is also a lot easier as people are able to simply email this document to their employer which will allow them to then store this in their digital file. All in all, this type of service make the whole process a lot easier for everyone involved.