Sensory toys are great tools for children with autism. Many children who have autism also experience some level of sensory issues, and these calming toys help to alleviate feelings of discomfort and encourage children to develop their senses in a healthy environment.

There are plenty of calming toys for anxiety available to choose from for your child. To help you choose the right one, here are the top calming toys for anxiety to purchase:

Sensory Mats

Sensory mats focus on a child’s development of their sense of touch. Each mat is made with different textures, including bumps and grooves that stimulate them. Children can rub their hands or feet on the mats to experience these various sensations, while simultaneously describing how they feel with each mat.


Sand specifically meant for home use is a great sensory tool that can help children develop their motor skills. This type of sand will stick together when compacted and pressed, and fall apart when cut or smashed. They provide very satisfying sensations for children, and are extremely easy to clean up after use.

Reflective Balls

To help them develop their sense of sight, reflective balls encourage children to look at their own reflections and various items through distorted lenses. They will get to test out how different things look through their reflective balls while learning more about their own visual perception.

Fidget Spinners

Little boy with a fidget spinner outdoors.

Fidget spinners are a great way to capture your child’s attention and focus by keeping their hands busy. Often, children with autism or ADHD have difficulty focusing on one task and need to have their hands occupied. Fidget spinners allow them to engage in a small activity with their hands and fingers, giving them the ability to focus on the main task at hand.

Electric Pet or Baby Toys

These types of calming toys help expose children to various noises throughout the day for those that have difficulty with new sounds. These toys make noises somewhat randomly and in an unexpected order, allowing the child to become more desensitized to noises in general. Additionally, these toys are great to encourage developing social skills, as they react to your child’s actions.

Rainmaker or Boomwhacker

Rainmakers and boomwhackers appeal to a child’s sense of hearing. Rainmakers provide a more comforting sound that mimics rain falling, while boomwhackers produce various sounds that can engage them and help to get their energy out.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are a great way to encourage creativity with your children while stimulating their senses. Kids can place the stepping stones in different orders and jump from stone to stone, improving their coordination and balance while developing their sensory processing overall.

Calming toys for anxiety are a great way to ensure your child develops their senses in a calm, productive environment they feel comfortable in. These toys will help your child to process their emotions and environment for more successful growth. Try out some of these toys to see which ones your child responds to best.