With a daily turnover of 4.685 billion Australian dollars and market capitalization (market cap) of 1.6 Trillion Australian dollars, it is almost impossible to discuss the financial markets without talking about the share market in Australia today. Following the dip in global exchange due to pandemic, the Australian share market is fast getting back on a growth trajectory.

Thanks to its positive growth vistas and huge market cap, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is listed among the top exchanges in the world alongside the top dogs like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), London Stock Exchange (LSE), and TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange). What this tells you is that investing in ASX shares offers the same opportunities as their counterparts in other climes. This explains why the share market in Australia today is booming with activities from both local and foreign investors.

What can the share market in Australia today offer you?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, if you are buying shares from the Share Market in Australia today, you have a long list of financial assets, instruments, or securities to choose from — you may decide to go into stocks and any of the equity derivatives listed by the ASX.

Having mentioned that, you should already know that keying into the share market in Australia today earns you the title of part-owner in any company you decide to buy their stocks. And you know what that means. You will be a beneficiary of the awards, such as dividends, and you will have a say at the table whenever the company needs to make decisions.

In addition to that, other benefits of investing in ASX shares include an opportunity to earn extra money from the growth of the economy, capital growth, liquidity ( you can buy shares and sell them almost immediately), and of course, dividends come and voting privileges as hinted earlier.

Share Market in Australia today: What is ASX?

Share market in Australia today

As you may have already discerned, the Australian Securities Exchange, popularly known as ASX. It is Australia’s financial markets payment facilitator, clearinghouse, and of course, market operator. Part of the duties of the ASX is to ensure that every company listed under it follows the set guidelines while running their business and promoting standards.

ASX so provides investors with adequate information and education (including education materials) to help investors make the right choice of the different products they oversee. So, if you are looking to partake in the share market in Australia today, your first point of call should be the ASX website.

How to find the right stocks in the share market in Australia today

Finding the right stocks to invest in the Australian share market is quite similar to what is obtainable everywhere else. However, in this case, it is best to check in with ASX first. Afterward, you can research and choose a licensed broker to open your account.

If you are satisfied with the list of stocks available in your portfolio, you can proceed to fund the account and buy whatever stocks suit your investing plan. Now, that is how to invest in the share market in Australia today.