1. Make sure to be on your best behavior-

The American tourist is known to have a negative stereotype in Europe, so it is very important for American travelers going to Europe, they are representing America while on board. Instead of being a stereotypical loud mouth, judgmental, entitled tourist, learn to embrace Europe with an open mind. Try the new experiences and food offered to you without comparing them to America. Make sure you know that customer service in Europe is less interactive than the ones in the United States of America, they also don’t greet the customer by saying “hi, do you need any help?” or even when someone enters or exits a shop they are not going to say “have a nice day, sir”. Tourists tend to have a negative attitude towards Europe, so it is important for Americans who are traveling to Europe to remember that they represent America while abroad.


  1. Dress and try to act like locals-


While you are traveling from American to Europe, you might have heard horrible travel stories. So, for the people who fear to be a victim of pick pocketing, theft, they are several ways by which you can decrease the chances of being a target. The very first thing does not dress like a tourist. Make sure you do not wear a fanny pack, clothing with references to America or even a backpack. To avoid from looking like a tourist, try wearing the local wear that is scarves, layers and neutral colors. Even if you are a tourist, you should always know where you are going even if the locals don’t. If you were standing on the street confused and not to mention staring at a map, you would easily be identified as a tourist. To avoid this mistake, go to someplace where they provide WiFi and look up for directions. The auto Europe offers compact GPS rental cars so you can know where you are going before heading out.


  1. Learn basic foreign phrases of Europe-

Even though it does not easily travel through Europe speaking only English, it is important to know about the significance of the multiple languages in the European regions. The Americans traveling to Europe should know the local words and phrases that are common to the countries as they will be visiting places and it will provide them with a better experience, understanding of the local culture.

  1. Always be open to the European lifestyle-

Everything you see in America is bigger than anything, so do not try to visit Europe with that mentality. The rooms and the appliances offered in Europe is much smaller than ones in the U.S. The Americans traveling to Europe should respect the difference in the nation and appreciate their eco-friendly lifestyle. When you are traveling, you should always be open to the lifestyle of the other nation.