A female Brisbane home doctor may seem like a quaint idea; like something you would only see in movies. You’ve probably seen movies depict the old-timey home visits that health professionals used to do. For a long time, house-calls were at an end, which many health care practitioners switching to in-clinic service for their patients. This was because innovations in transport and technology made it much easier for patients to get to their health care practitioner, rather than back in the day when transport was very slow. In olden times house-calls usually involved dealing with a plethora of complaints and often health care practitioners wouldn’t know what to expect because there were no mobile phones. Nowadays the house-call is making a comeback and it’s now possible to have a Brisbane home doctor come and visit you. Thanks to advances in technology, the humble house-call is better than ever and almost everyone can benefit from calling a Brisbane home doctor in some way. Here are some of the top reasons why you might make a house call and when you should consider calling a female Brisbane home doctor.


You can’t leave the house

If you’re quite ill or have hurt yourself then calling a female Brisbane home doctor can be an easily way to get the medical attention you need without having to leave the comfort of your home. This is a great option for people suffering from the flu or some other ailment that prevents them from feeling well enough to travel all the way to a clinic to be seen.


You’re a senior

For many elderly patients getting to a clinic is simply impossible. At a certain age, many people are no longer able to drive or simply not in good enough health to travel to a clinic. For those elderly patients who are healthy enough to travel to a clinic, they often have health complaints that require regular visits which can be inconvenient and frustrating. House calls allow seniors to stay comfortable in their own homes whilst being seen to by a health care professional. This is a fantastic way for elderly patients to be seen without all the hassles of visiting far-away clinics. Trained professionals can simply drop by and provide care.


It provides a better understanding of the patient

Brisbane home doctor checking a patient's pulse

When visiting patients in their home environment, healthcare providers gain another layer of insight into them and their lifestyle. This can be very helpful as it can help them pick u things that may be affecting your health that you might not think to mention during an in-clinic visit. Visiting you in your house also means they may think of adjustments you need to make in the home more easily, such as installing railing or carpet mats for instance if you have sustained an injury.


You can call allied health professionals

Many allied health professionals offer services related to house calls and will be able to help you out in your time of need. If you’ve hurt your back for instance you may want to call a chiropractor. It’s also possible to call in nutritionists, nurses and other people who may be able to help you out with health concerns.


You’ll enjoy a better recovery

One of the great things about having a house call from a medical health professional is that it allows you to recover better. When you’re ill or injured there’s nothing worse than having to step outside your home. If you rest up and stay comfortable in your home environment it is much less likely that you’ll cause further injury.