If you need glasses and have been looking online you have probably found that there are a number of different options. There are so many different options for glasses online that it can be difficult for you to choose which one would look best on you.

Sometimes you can’t get to a physical store to try on glasses so you do not really know how certain frames are going to look on your face shape. There are also a lot of different face shapes. So, the first step is to work out which shape your face matches the most, then you can work from there choosing a frame that suits.

Glasses are a very important and constant accessory, especially if you have to wear them every day to see. So, choosing the right frame is very important. Have a read on below at the way you can choose the right glasses to frame for you:


Round Face Shape

If you have a round face then you don’t really have any sharp angles to work with. Many people with a round face shape try to make their face seem longer and thinner. This is why narrow frames or rectangular frames that are quite wide usually work the best with this type of face.


Oval Face Shape

One of the most common face shapes and it is the easiest to work with when it comes to choosing glasses online because there are balanced face proportions. It is a good idea to try and keep this balance of your face and you should, therefore, consider wide glasses frames that are as wide as your face.


Square Face Shape

woman wearing eyeglasses

Square face shape is more typically found on men and usually means you have a strong jawline with a large forehead, but the width and length are usually the same, making the square shape and not rectangle shape. Like with the round face shape, it is best to choose a narrower frame that will attempt to make your face look longer, look for frames that are narrow and oval shape.


Heart Face Shape

The face shape is wider at the top with the chin going into more of a point, which brings in the heart shape. In order to reduce the look of the width at the top of your face looks for frames that have a wide bottom. You could also consider purchasing frames that are light in colour or have no rims at all.


Diamond Face Shape

Looking kind of like a sideward square, diamond face shape is narrow at the top and bottom of the face and usually has high cheekbones. This type of face can be the most difficult to find a frame the suits properly. Look for frames the have no rims or even try cat-eye shaped frames.


Triangle Face Shape (Based Down)

This face shape has a smaller forehead with a larger chin and cheeks. Here it is a good idea to try to add more depth by finding frames that are a distinctive colour, like with the diamond face shape, cat-eye shaped frames can also work really well here.


Oblong Face Shape

This face shape is kind of like a rectangle face shape, just with more curved edges. The face tends to be wide, but still longer with a fairly straight cheek line and chin. Here you are likely to be looking to add more balanced frames that will suit your face. You should look for frames that will add more width to your face and could also go for frames with a bold colour.