We all have our reasons to travel – whether it’s the quest to globe-trot for delectable cuisines, adventure, culture…..the list just goes on! And if you are a fashionista, and if you travel to fulfill your fashion desires, to you! For all the fashion lovers, who travel with fashion on their minds, this one for you! Read on to know where you can head towards on your hunt to get the best of style in hand!



It has to top the list, isn’t it? The Fashion capital of the world, Paris is where most of the top fashion brands were born. And they didn’t stop there – they grew and flourished and are still thriving in every street of Paris. Right from Gucci to Prada to Chanel, every fashion brand has a different style that oozes with oomph factor and elegance at the same time. The stunning creations of these brands are the pride of Paris – and being a fashionista, Paris has to be on your Bucket list!

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The best place to hit if you’re looking for street fashion! Tokyo has a fantastic eye for fashion, with street fashion being its specialty. The clothes here are high end, cutting-edge, contemporary in style. Most importantly the clothes are unisex – you need not care what’s for whom – just make your pick! And the clothes you come across in Tokyo are unique- you wouldn’t have seen them anywhere before!



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Cuba is fast rising as a fantastic fashion destination where all the divas – right from top models to A-list actresses to pop singers head to! Why should you stay back when it’s the happening destination where everyone’s heading to? Plan right away!



If minimalism is your style, head to Copenhagen! No city has been able to amplify minimalism in fashion as much as Copenhagen has! And hey, they have a great collection of men’s garments too – so you can hop in here with your beau and shop your heart away!

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It’s street fashion all the way here! Marrakesh is a stunner when it comes to the spectacular roadside fashion it has to offer! Vibrant outfits that reflect the very soul of the Mediterranean, completed with intricate embroidery and mirror work, the clothes here never fail to mesmerize!


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