Artificial turf has been in use for decades in athletic arenas and has also been used to replace natural grass lawns at commercial and residential properties. Artificial turf Sydney is very well-suited for areas that often experience drought because it does not require any watering.

However, before you decide on whether or not to invest in artificial grass, you should understand some basics about it. This post looks at important facts that you should know about artificial turf Sydney before you opt for it.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Turf Sydney?

So, why should you invest in artificial turf in Sydney? Is it worth the investment or should you just settle for the traditional natural grass lawn? Here are some benefits that make artificial grass attractive:

Non-toxic: With artificial turf Sydney, you do not have to worry about toxicity because no poisonous materials are included in the manufacturing of artificial turf.

Conserves water: with water restriction policies being developed by the state, opting for artificial grass is a smart choice. It significantly reduces the usage of water without compromising the aesthetic standards of your lawn. This makes it both eco-friendly and budget-friend.

No residue of harmful chemicals: Artificial turf Sydney does not require the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides to maintain its beauty and remain bug-free. This means it is safer for your family and the environment.

Non-Allergenic: You never have to worry about grass pollen with the artificial turf Sydney because it does not grow.

Safer Surface for Children and Pets: Natural grass often develops humps and dips, which can cause injuries when your children and pets, and even adults trip while playing or running over it. Artificial turf is always even and smooth, and when it is installed by a professional, it prevents falls and injury.

Durability: Artificial turf Sydney is manufactured with extremely durable materials that can withstand any kind of weather and torture. It is dig-proof for varmints and even dogs. It is also fade-resistant and stain-resistant, and you never have to worry that it will fray at its edges.

How Long does Artificial Turf Sydney Last?

Sydney artificial turf

Artificial turf Sydney is undoubtedly durable and last for years. If it is maintained properly, it can last between fifteen to twenty years, making it a good investment for your property. It is recommended that you use an experienced landscaping company to help with the installation.

You should also take the time to get appropriate instructions on maintenance from the company and ensure that you follow the instruction carefully.

How can I make my Artificial Turf Sydney as Long as Possible?

You can increase the lifespan of your artificial turf Sydney with the right maintenance culture. First, ensure you clean up any spills immediately instead of leaving them for long. Also make sure you remove any pollutants, such as chemicals that can destroy the artificial turf. Remove potentially harmful chemicals from the grass as soon as possible.

You should also be very careful with sharp objects that can damage the grass. Although artificial turf from a reliable source is resilient, you should not drop sharp objects on it. Finally, keep your turf clean. Of course, it requires little maintenance but you still have to pay attention to its maintenance. Regularly use a garden vacuum, power brush, and leaf blower to maintain your artificial turf Sydney.


Artificial surf Sydney adds high aesthetic value to residential and commercial properties. Although it is capital intensive, it is worth every penny you invest in it. It is recommended that you choose a reputable company that would supply quality materials and installs the turf the right way.