Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the city have a very delicate balance to strike week to week.

On one hand, they need to attract more consumer dollars and increase their market share while staying in the black financially speaking.

How can this task be achieved and who is available to help?

Sydney PR agencies might not be the first port of call for some, but their expertise in these scenarios prove pivotal for many organisations.

They work under the notion that perception is reality, engaging certain exercises and campaigns that achieves a favourable public image without being transparent to the community about that very process.

We will discuss why certain SMEs take that leap to hire their services.


Managing Marketing Cost

There is a misconception that exists about Sydney PR agencies and their return on investment (ROI). In many cases, owners and managers will see this exercise as an extra expense on top of marketing campaigns, but their expertise happens to inform and shape those very same campaigns to achieve more cut-through. SMEs can invest thousands over the course of a financial year with online advertising, social media messaging, print media inclusion, television, radio and more. Their involvement for the client will help to point operators in the right direction and to account for ever marketing dollar – outlining a blueprint for a methodology that dictates amount of spend, time of spend and placement of spend.


Increasing Customer Reach

If there is a positive story to tell, the rollout of a new product line, a relaunch of a restaurant or a community connection worth explaining, then Sydney PR agencies start that process for client. Their intervention will be the beginning of a domino effect that ventures into online and offline spaces. While some strategies will incorporate paid advertising spots, others will utilise a more organic mode of communication that is filtered through magazine features, newspaper articles, social media posts and website grabs. The involvement of the agency will amplify the message for constituents, ensuring that a campaign that would otherwise reach 1,000 people now hits 10,000, 20,000 and beyond.


Connecting The Brand to The Medium

While sneaker apparels, headphone suppliers, street artists and hipster bars will use TikTok and Snapchat, more traditional users will opt for Facebook and LinkedIn promotional activities. This is where Sydney PR agencies have an edge for their clients, connecting the brand to the right type of medium. They will run a comprehensive diagnostic that details the habits and movements of the consumer base, ensuring that the SME is not wasting time and money will channels that do not speak to their constituents.


Flexible Arrangements

SMEs will only hire Sydney PR agencies on their terms. This is one of the key selling points that is often overlooked by personalities who have had bad experiences when outsourcing through other parties before. If their intervention is required just for one single campaign, to be used on a rolling contract or for a more permanent position, any of these agreements can be applicable. That approach empowers the business, letting them control the finances, assess progress and determine if they are delivering bang for buck. It is peace of mind for SMEs who would otherwise be on the fence about hiring Sydney PR agencies.


Sustainable Public Relations Policy

The intellectual property that is gleaned when working with Sydney PR agencies offers a legacy that ventures beyond the length of the contract. Participants will learn how to interact with media networks, how to plan a PR strategy, how to incorporate marketing practices and how to balance a budget while achieving all of these objectives. It is only that close contact with real stakes where staff members gain a real appreciation for their work.