Reclaimed teak in it’s most basic sense is recycled timber that has previously been used and then turned into a new item or piece of furniture. The tree that it is taken from is a hardwood, deciduous tree that often grows very tall and is known for its small white blooms and sizeable leaves. The tree is native to parts of Asia where it has been used extensively to build everything from boats and homes to artwork and much, much more. The wood is known for its hard-wearing nature which makes it ideal for creating furniture and is part of the reason it lasts so long and why reclaimed teak is so popular. The wood is also full of natural oils which help to protect it from termites, pests and the elements which means it can be reused time and time again. The wood is renowned for being just about weatherproof and copes well when left out in the heat and the cold as well as sunshine or rain. The timber grows everywhere throughout parts of Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. The wood is found everywhere in structures and is a popular export to other countries that love the timber made furniture that come from these countries.


Where do you get reclaimed teak from?

Often recycled timbers are taken from old buildings and constructions when they are being renovated or demolished so that the wood can be reused. Reclaimed teak is popular for recycling because it is a strong and very expensive timber. The process of reusing the timber is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable and often leads to even more beautiful pieces as the wood has character and history.


What makes it special?

One of the things that make reclaimed teak so special is that it doesn’t come in a uniform size or shape, instead it’s entirely unique and often dictates the furniture pieces or art that craftsmen will turn it into. It’s a special timber because it is often handed down through many generations and can be turned into something with utility throughout many different decades. The grain of the timber is very beautiful and rich, especially when it’s been aged as it will have much more character than most plantation woods.

Because the timber is more mature and has already aged, it is much more stable and often far stronger and more durable than younger wood making it ideal for creating furniture that will last for many years to come. For many people this is often a lifetime because the heavy, durable wood will stand up to anything, from weather conditions to children. It’s very low maintenance and will look great with only the most minimal amount of care and attention. Sanding it back and polishing it up can also make it look refreshed and beautiful after a few years, or if you prefer the weathered look, leave it be.

Reclaimed teak in particular is highly versatile as its strength and durability means it can be used for all kinds of purposes from construction to beautiful furniture pieces like tables and chairs.


Using timber again is also a very sustainable practice and helps to protect the environment as well as ensuring that the jobs of craftsmen are protected. By reusing wood you help to protect new trees and forests from being cut down, salvaging old materials is a far savvier practice for protecting our world’s trees then creating new furniture items. Reused timbers also require skill and care from a proper craftsmen which is great as it often means you’re supporting small business.