1. OnePlus 6T-

Since the phone’s arrival in the United States, it has been the best-valued Android Phone. The best feature of the OnePlus 6 t is an under-screen fingerprint scanner which keeps the phone’s thin bezels without the need to use an expensive face-scan system.



  1. Devialet Reactor-

A few years ago a French company was known for their expensive amplifiers released the phantom, which one of the few wireless home speakers at that time and so beautiful and was able to fit in a room with clean sound that it became the benchmark to the modern era of a wireless speaker. The whole new Devialet Reactor, which is a smaller models sounds much better than the original Phantom and is less than $ 700 and a smaller footprint.


  1. Google Pixel 3-

This phone shows the useful aspects that come out of the Google company. It can bring about the callers to identify themselves and show the user a real-time transcription so that you can ignore any spam calls — another thing that is significant about the Pixel, that it holds the title for best camera on a smartphone.


  1. Bose Sleepbuds-

These amazing earbuds play soothing music to your ears and can avoid car horns and snoring by playing white noise, rustling leaves, a campfire that will put you at ease. They are Bose’s high standard design, and due to its lightweight, you will not even know you are wearing them. The earbuds are slow very slim that you can sleep on one side


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9-

Samsung Galaxy Note

This phone is the powerhouse of the smartphone industry with the top industry specs, a huge battery and also with a headphone jack. You can have download speeds up to 1.2 Gb per second in the Note 9.


  1. Apple iPhone XR-

For the people who do not find the need to use the flagship iPhone XS, then the new XR is the best choice for anyone looking for an iPhone, the mobile device has got the same chip, same memory, and even the same face ID similar to the XS, but for hundreds of dollars less. Some of the downside to this phone is the LCD display rather than an OLED display, so watching videos will not be as great as before. The attraction of the phone is it various color options for the customers.

iPhone X


  1. Sonos Beam-

This gadget is the most convincing reason that allows you to purchase Amazon’s Alexa into your house. It is not only will the Beam’s acoustics blow away your TV’s built-in speakers but thinks about walking into your room and saying, “Play Stranger Things,” and having the TV do that will make you feel like the future is right at the corner.