The journey of the CBD oil for sale in Australia values now as an over-the-counter natural medicine, has its origins in a plant that has been used in ancient cultures including China and India, since 2,700 years B.C.. CBD liquid’s forefather is of course Cannabis Sativa, the Marijuana Plant, the intoxicating drug that went from religious, spiritual and ritual purposes in ancient civilisations, to an illegal drug that fuels billion-dollar criminal empires around the world.

CBD oil is not an intoxicant as it has only the tiniest traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which is the particular chemical substance in the plant flower itself that gets you high or stoned. But CBD oil seems to retain all the positive aspects of its original source material and perhaps even greater healing benefits that may have been discovered through the refining process of turning dope into pharmaceutical medicine.

The Revolution of CBD Oil for Sale in Australia

Humanity’s relationship with Cannabis and its proliferation as an illegal recreational drug is a precarious one and this held-back research into the beneficial qualities of the plant. Until now, with consumers finally able to purchase CBD oil for sale Australia prefers and join a movement that might revolutionise the treatment of many ailments both mental and physical. Hemp Oil as opposed to potently intoxicating Hash Oil, began to shed its marijuana-related stigma when research in the 1980s proved that the use of CBD Oil could diminish or even remove all seizures suffered by those with epilepsy.

As research progressed public awareness began to distinguish between the “one that gets you high”, from the one that cures epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD, and many other common illnesses. With Australia’s federal approval in 2021 for the sale of the drug over the counter at pharmacies, we get the faux feeling that dope has become legitimate, but sort of know that this is not yet quite the case.

The State of CBD Oil in Australia

In Australia the use of cannabis, including the growth and the sale of the original illegal plant, for recreational purposes, is still a criminal act in all states except the ACT, unless you access medicinally approved cannabis from a registered doctor; or a GP that seeks government approval on your behalf.

The CBD oil for sale Australia seeks out, is the one that is now available over the counter, but also the one that has been available online from overseas countries such as the USA and in Europe for a number of years now. The final push for Cannabidiol Liquid to be sold over the counter at chemists in Australia is a milestone. The no fan-fare approval of the non-psychotropic, or non-mind altering liquid might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back; and soon we may catch up with the USA in its billion-dollar producing legalisation of marijuana products.

Why does CBD Oil Appeal to the Mainstream Public?

The reason that the CBD oil for sale Australia prefers is now appealing to the mainstream public, is because there has been a change in the collective conscious and most people recognize CBD liquid’s disassociation from marijuana and its more nefarious qualities, while the derivative product still retains a little mystique about it, given its ancient history and proven beneficial qualities. Anecdotal stories about dope, weed, mull, green, reefer, are part of the cultural fabric of many mainstream societies. The story of how you made hash cookies with cannabis and gave them to your grand-dad and watched him get stoned, to the first time you smoked dope at college, to the media stories of dope-smoking presidents and celebrities, has now become the story of how marijuana’s relative, CBD oil cured a little girl’s chronic epilepsy and made life possible for her again.

The CBD oil for sale Australia holds with increasing regard, is the medicinal liquid that does not get you high, but gets you healed.