With over 5,000 Australians a year passing away due to bowel cancer, it pays to have a program in place that guarantees early detection. This is where the bowel test kit comes into play, giving men and women the opportunity to work with specialists to run the right tests and produce results in quick time.

For local patients who want to do the right thing, there might be some hesitancy about undertaking this exercise and confusion about what to do next. Thankfully there are tried and tested techniques that ensure swift results in this domain.

Talk to the Doctor/GP

The best place to start for constituents who are thinking about the use of a bowel test kit is to talk to their doctor and GP. if there is discomfort or family history involved, they are the most appropriate contact to use in this context. Should there be any questions about the process and what is involved, they will be the sounding board to bounce off any issues that might be experienced with the bowel test kit.

Recognise That The Process is Free

The good news for domestic residents who are examining the use of a bowel test kit is that the process costs a total of $0. This is great to hear for community members given the other healthcare costs that are involved year to year. Men and women who want to look after their bottom line can rest assured that this is a program that will be free of cost if they want to approach providers.

The 50-Year Mark is Key

Studies have informed us that the threat of cancer in this domain will increase for community members who reach 50 years and beyond. Rather than take any risks, citizens who are identified at this age will receive their bowel test kit in the mail on a regular basis, occurring within 6 months of the 50th birthday. This takes out a lot of the booking and arrangement work that many constituents might forget or ignore on their own behalf.

Completely Private & Confidential Process

Bowel test kit

The bowel test kit will give a complete rundown for how to use the elements safely and securely. No one else has to interfere or get involved in this regard. Simply by using the test tube and the pick-up container, participants can navigate selecting their own sample at their own convenience and in their own bathroom. This is helpful for constituents who are worried about privacy matters.

Positive Test Results Are Not Cause For Immediate Alarm

If blood has been identified in the stool sample, that does not necessarily mean the worst case scenario. There is a lot of examination and protocol to be followed before any judgments can be made in this regard. It does help to use the bowel test kit to inform doctors and medical professionals that there is an issue to resolve and that further assessments need to be booked to rule in and rule out other factors at play.

Don’t Be Afraid to Consult Other Trusted Sources

From close friends and family members who have been through this process before with the test kit, there is no harm in talking to personal references to see what they have done and who they trust in the area. This will allow for men and women to build confidence in medical practitioners as they navigate their next step along the process. If they have any feedback about operators, how they approached the program, what it should cost and the logistics involved, that will only act as a net positive for constituents.