How do illuminated mirrors and backlit mirrors differ? Both are types of bathroom LED mirrors, but the positioning of where the lights are varies. Backlit products have the lights installed behind, whilst illuminated bathroom LED mirrors are built with lighting underneath the glass surface.

However, this is not the only distinction between these different kinds of bathroom LED mirrors. To properly comprehend these contrasts, we must first examine their similarities.

Backlit vs. illuminated

Backlit and illuminated products are basically the same thing in that they both have lights that operate on electricity. They also have a similar light effect, characteristics, and functional and aesthetic uses.


Bathroom LED mirrors use light emitting diodes to light them up. They’re bright but not too harsh, which makes them perfect for the bathroom.

Electricity is required

Electricity is required for the operation of the lights fitted inside backlit and illuminated products. This implies that in order for the lights to operate, both kinds of lit products must be linked to a power source. Both kinds of products may be utilised even if they are not linked to an electrical power source. In this case, they would just be ordinary items.


Backlit and illuminated products both offer adequate illumination for grooming and highlight the face with a diffuse, even light. The mellow illumination produced by these reflections is modest yet effective. It’s bright enough for a well-lit reflection but not so bright that harsh shadows fall on the face.


Bathroom LED mirrors of various kinds may have qualities in common. A demisting or defogging feature, dimmable lights, motion or touch sensors, colour temperature adjustment options, and even Bluetooth connection are among them!


Bathroom LED mirror

Bathroom LED mirrors give the gentle, balanced front illumination required for a successful grooming practise.

These products may also be used as a light source. They may be used to offer main illumination in tiny bathrooms, secondary lighting in larger spaces, and mood lighting in bedrooms.

Decorative Functions

Products that are backlit are very beautiful and may provide a contemporary, sophisticated air to any place. The elegant appearance of lighted products makes them an essential must-have in any bathroom or vanity area in need of a decor refresh. Both products assist to create the appearance of a larger, brighter environment, making them excellent for tiny areas.

What is the difference between backlit and illuminated products?

The primary distinction between backlit and illuminated products is the location of their lights. As a result, they may vary in terms of design and look. Because of this major distinction, one form of lit product is more portable and adaptable than the other. Let us go through this further.

Light Positioning

The lights in backlit products are located behind them. The light strip is attached around a base, which also helps to hold the mirror glass a few inches away from the wall. A backlit glass is a form of illuminated product in the technical sense.

What Is the Difference Between Lighted and Backlit Products?

Because of the variation in light arrangement, the design and look of backlit and illuminated bathroom LED mirrors differ. You can see the glow of light emanating from behind the glass with backlit products. To create the complete backlit appearance, backlit products are always hung on a wall.

Some backlit products are also built with a section of the top, bottom, left, and right edges scratched or stripped of their reflecting coating and frosted over. Illuminated bathroom LED mirrors, on the other hand, are always illuminated from the front.