Whether you’re working in your garage at home, or in a professional mechanic shop, there are some tools and automotive workshop equipment that are simply must-haves. Having the right automotive workshop equipment is very important when working on vehicles, having the right equipment allows you to perform the tasks you need to perform quickly and easily.

So without further ado, here’s a list of the automotive workshop equipment that you should have on hand.



Pliers are an important tool for performing a range of tasks and are a must-have for both professionals and amateurs. Pliers make it easy to do tasks like loosening bolts and stripping wires, so if you don’t have one then you’re definitely missing an important tool. It’s possible to buy full sets, however if they are too costly then a single standard pair are great for a lot of tasks.


Wrench set

Wrenches are an essential piece of automotive workshop equipment for most mechanics and home DIY jobs. Almost every repair job will call for a wrench so it great to have a set on hand. You’ll find wrenches available in a range of different qualities and sizes. It’s a good idea to invest in a quality set as they will last you for many years.


Ratchet and socket set

A ratchet and socket set is a very important thing to add to your automotive workshop equipment list. A ratchet is great for working with bolts in difficult positions which is often the case for vehicles. Ratchets are available in a number of different sizes – small, medium and large. It’s a great idea to get a set with all the sizes.



Screwdrivers are one of the most important pieces of automotive workshop equipment you can have on hand. They are used for managing screws and are great for many different kinds of jobs. When working on vehicles it’s a good idea to use a magnetised screwdriver as this can help you to avoid losing screws.



Hammers are an important tool in any garage or mechanic shop and can be helpful for dealing with jams or loosing up greasy, rusted parts. Mallets are also helpful when a hammer would apply too much force.


Car jack

A lot of maintenance and repair work will require you to work under a car which means you’ll need a car jack to lift it up. There are different kinds of car jacks available out there that will lift your car to different heights. It’s important to opt for car jacks that are durable and safe.


Jack stands

Jack stands are an equally important piece of equipment as they will help hold your car in place once it has been lifted by your car jack. Most professional garages will have at least a few good quality jack stands on hand.



If you need more stability compared to a jack stand then you might consider using a ramp instead. Ramps come in pairs and when a car is lifted it can be driven onto the ramps. Ramps don’t create a huge lift but are useful for oil changes and other jobs. Because the wheels are stopped they aren’t a good tool for wheel changes or alignments.



Creepers are basically flat moveable surfaces that allow you to move around easily when working on a vehicle. They provide a comfortable surface and make it easier to adjust your position when working on a vehicle.



Headlamps are a useful tool for being able to see the components you are working on more easily.